A moderator pls? i think this is another scammer come check pls

Hi i this is another poor scammer.

He tried to scam me and my friends, he always asks people with 0feedback because they are new, Pleas ban him
He tried to scam me of my Endo Crimson. He tried to scam me one more time and this time of an 20xx That i deleted from my listing. He knew he tried to scamm me so he didnt admit and was saying “No i didnt” Here are some pictures of him asking people that he wants to “talk” and he even admit it, Then he called me a kid and said “Kys” Then deleted me.

OndrIx12 that guy is scammer i saw him many times using that fake ‘‘Gameflip’’ accounts

it’s funny to see scammers blame each other

Hey, whenever possible, please send me their accounts so I can investigate this further.

Thank you!