A scammer is selling me fake Code

I have bought a la noire for the Nintendo switch and the Code didnt work so the seller starts saying Im a scammer and i want to send proof ( video proof) but he is not willing to get the proof and now he has stopped responding and the support isnt answering please cancel this for me 30 dollars is alot for me. Code 1DUHKT

Have you opened a dispute? Do not rate the seller or else the purchase will be final and you cannot get a refund.

I have but they arent responding i have all the proof even a video that the Code doesn’t work

Just wait for Gameflip to review. You won’t lose money.

I saw that you purchased a fornite account. Please, do not do that, since these kinf os listings is forbidden within our marketplace.

I was ble to cancel the transaction. If you have any other issues or questions, please PM me.

Thank you.

But Can you please cancel the la noire one? He is wasting My time selling me fake codes