About my Under Review Order & Wait time

So yesterday I was searching the gameflip market for a good deal on Overwatch and some guy was selling it for $30 at first so I bought it with my gameflip balance from selling skins and games to the community and its has been about 24 hours since I bought it and all the seller is saying how I am a scammer and stuff however he scammed me. Full convo :

Order #: 6e3da503-18b3-4148-897f-5ecfdcab6182


-> Had to put on link^ since it is tooo long & Honestly I have no chill xD.

  • I contacted Battle net support live chat and its in the pastebin ^ they said the guy didn’t even fully buy the game it later got denied and his money refunded.

And my other question was how long will this take? Used gameflip balance and I have already contacted support but taking too long. I just want my money back and this user banned by trying to scam me with a OW code not even bought.

After looking into the order, we’ve gone ahead and canceled this for you and taken the appropriate action with this user!