Scammed by a guy selling hacked accounts.

So , this is the second time this week I have been scammed. Bought the game code for overwatch , from a seller on this site . Redeemed it , saw it was working and gave the rating. 2 days later my game code got cancelled because it was bought with a stolen credit card . I want a refund on this

Seller name :Stay
Purchase number : 86919bdf-1113-4757-936e-28f44903b829
Tell me what I need to post as proof , and I’ll do it.

Gameflip please look into this.

Come on guys , at least reply to the thread , yeah?

My invite code is HNMB98. I tried issuing a ticket , but no reply yet.
@op_JOkEr , can you help please?

We will address the ticket as soon as possible.
Thank you.

Thanks for the reply , but I don’t know if the evidence I sent was enough or not? Could you please tell me if there are more things I need to upload?

My ticket isn’t showing up on the tickets list. Is this a joke?

@DunnBiscuit help , please ? My ticket isn’t being listed, which in turn doesn’t solve my problem.

It’s been almost 4 days now , I understand you guys are busy but please take some time to look into this. I’m losing 30$ here , and the lack of response makes me think I won’t be getting justice. I might be young but please don’t think I’m stupid.

I just answered 3 tickets from you. I wonder which ticket you are talking about. Please answer my questions in the tickets, we will continue the conversations over there.

Please, bear in mind that tickets goes to a queue, and we will answer from the oldest to the newest. We are trying to answer everyone as soon as possible based on what I just said.

Thank you.

The issue is there is a 4th ticket which isn’t getting registered on gameflip . Which is also the most important ticket. It’s the ticket related to this post. The ticket isn’t going through and the 7 day deadline mentioned on the guideline is coming close. Please reply as soon as possible @DunnBiscuit.

Edit: the tickets I received a mail for , and are listed are follows :

  1. csgo item listing error
  2. tickets not going through
  3. response to an old ticket

The main ticket isn’t being listed . The stolen overwatch account isn’t getting solved while the scammer is getting away. I just want my 30$ back.

Thanks a lot for your help and time.

It’s been 4 days and the problem hasn’t been solved , please help me out before the scammer gets away with my money and I don’t get anything please? @DunnBiscuit

Ha good luck on a refund they ain’t giving you. One ■■■■ I got scammed sent them top proof and all you know how many tickets they gave me lol

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SMH probably this is a family business about 2-3 people serving thousands of users good luck

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Feelsbadman. For the record though , I did receive a refund once . Lol

I just hope they help me get a refund on this one.

I just answered you.

As previously said, the conversation will be continued within the tickets.

Thank you.