Absurd feedback please fix

Received feedback from a scammer that I am the scammer which is quite funny if I have 0 bad reviews after 500 sold items and he has already negative ones saying he is a scammer so please can an admin check this, thanks.

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Post your invite code for the mods to look into this for you.

Same here.Got 1 negative feedback but the comment on this feedback says positive things.

Invite code : Z8D3X7

Habs how do I see if you are an admin? You don’t have the admin badge?

He is just a regular user and not an admin, but he already knew what you should have done but did not do so he used his time to help you out.

So any admin interested in helping?

No admin can help you if you don’t post your profile code. The only way to find your store account is through your profile code because the forum and the store are 2 separate platforms.

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The above is mine.