Abusers buying stuff from my store. What to do ?

Those profiles are buying stuff from my store. Already reported them and i don’t want to be harmed by this.
how to proceed ?
clearly they’re frauding something as , the only solds that they have are similar ones on overpriced stuff.



they bought my stuff too, they set up multiple accounts, they get rid of discount coupons or credit promotions fast (this is theft because people sometimes come and can no longer use coupons), and they buy fast what they think is discounted to remove money dishonestly and not be punished. rest assured, at least you’re selling your stuff! :slight_smile: In most gameflip could grant these credits, coupons and free money to anyone who put money (10 $ up) on the site at least once, would greatly reduce these scammers


You can block them. Once blocked, they cannot buy (nor comment) your listings.

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