Account locked because of "Fraudulent Activity"

I just signed up for game flip 3 days ago and I purchased $7 in credits. but I tried using apple pay and it kept giving me an error about an invalid state or something like that so I used skrill and got the credits first try. when I went to buy an in-game item it said my account was locked for fraudulent activity. I contacted the support the same day and haven’t heard anything from them. Any suggestions?

Support usually takes a few working days (3+) but exclude weekends and Holidays. You will have to wait for a reply because only they can help you with it.

If you have your invite code, just leave it here and tag a mod which I will help you tag.
Also leave your Support Ticket ID since you have already contacted Support.
@DarkKnight , @MajorTom
Do take note that you can’t expect a reply asap or just within a day since today is Sunday/Monday and they usually don’t come on forums daily.

Or you can message them directly like this. But you will need the basic badge in order to message privately on forums.

8V8WFN – Invite code

579874 – I think thats my Ticket ID?

Hello Tray_Miller,

When the user makes his/her first purchase, he/she receives an SMS in order to confirm it.

Your account was suspended since the SMS was replied with “FRAUD”.

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So is there anyway to get this off my account?

I assume you did put those details in the ticket when you contacted Support right?
You will probably have to wait for a reply from Support.

If it was you who replied with ‘FRAUD’, then you will have to let them know it was on accident and it was indeed you with proof. That is to protect new users.

The problem is I never got a text from Gameflip. Idk if I accidentally put the wrong phone number or not

If that’s the case, then it means that it is not your phone number. Because it was probably someone else since the person replied with ‘FRAUD’ meaning he/she did not purchase the item because it was you who purchased it. Best to wait for a reply from Support then or message MajorTom directly to ask.

Would be best to include all the information to the ticket you sent to Support if you haven’t. I don’t know the whole story so I won’t judge. Support would be able to check for you.

I am pretty sure you need to verify your phone at the start before even able to buy/sell.

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Hello Tray_Miller,

If that is the case, then we need to further confirm your account and your phone number.

I’ll work with you on this matter via DM.