please help my account suspend today and i have balance $230 in my wallet from selling

please help me for this problem.

I was very confused because my account was suspended permanently today and they said that there was a fraudulent activity in my account, even though my account was verified and I also sent the national ID and i have balance in my wallet $230

which is my question, what fraudulent activities did I do so that my account was permanently suspended?
is it because I asked why I can’t use my paypal account?

maybe because I have only been selling games for a few days and don’t understand the rules that apply in gameflip, but what is the proof that I did fraudulent activities so my account was permanently suspended?

this my invite code XZR684

please help with what documents are needed to unsuspension of my account because it is money to continue the lives of 2 children and my wife this month

Check the email that says you are suspended. In it should be your invite code, post it here so the moderators can check your account.

thi my invite code XZR684

this email from support

Hi eko wisnan,

We’ve suspended your account for the following reason:

Involvement in other suspicious or fraudulent activity

i think i’m never fraudulent or suspicious activity,please help me


Due to the reason you were suspended I can’t help you further here.

You may appeal to the suspension via Ticket.


can you tell me spesific reason suspend and reply my message ?

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