Account Locked (Under investigation.)

Hello dear,
Please keep me resolve that problem I’m member of the gam-flip since oct. 2019 fully verified my reputation is 97,1% had 802 sales and 500 positive feedback with couple of neutral and poor feedbacks thats normal i thing, as other sellers, today i see that my account was locked ( under investigation ), i never do that, I’m not able to sold anymore and i cannot withdrawal my money, i never stole and always helping my customer if there is any problem with gift code i resolve the issue when seller send message and tell me that have a problem, there is people that don’t know how to contact me and asking support for refund. All these people got refunded ( i have all emails and transaction that these people are refunded ) i never keep money on my customers, please if i I’m not able to sell anymore here tell me but give me permission to take my funds.

My profile number is: 5EZS4B

Thank you!


@DarkKnight can you help me

Hello @Preslav_Zakov!

I have already answered this in the following topic:

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