Unlock my account - due to fraud


Recently bought a 100 dollar Google Play card and I was given a 30 digit code and was thinking i got scammed. I texted fraud and made my account locked.
Seller gave me a working code 4 hours later, so I want to complete the my purchase, but unfortunately my account is locked.

My account code: 9PJG2V
Let me know what I can do to unlock my account, I just want to give the seller her money.

Did you made chargeback via your bank?

Nope. Its still pending on my credit card so I cannot dispute

You are not supposed to lock your own account for that. There is a dispute system if something is wrong with code you got. Second if you do charge back using your bank you will be banned from Gameflip.

Here is how to open the dispute on Gameflip.

Texting “fraud” is made if someone accessed your account and starts buying things with your balance and you want to prevent/stop that.

I know. I did all of that already. I screwed up from panic. I dont care if gameflip ban the account, I just want to give the money to the seller since she screwed up and now finally gave me the correct code

Well, since u received a text and u wrote back ‘fraud’, I assume your new to Gameflip?
New users will receive a text I assume during first few purchases to confirm that it is actually you who is buying the item. If you wrote back ‘fraud’, they will lock your account because it will mean someone else is buying it with your account.

You will have to contact Support regarding that and explain the whole situation.

But how did you receive the code when your account was locked? Because if it was auto delivery, the first code which u mentioned was a 30 digit code will be sent via email as well. But onwards, it can only be sent via Gameflip chat (buyer and seller)

yeah, ill just wait for someone to respond to my ticket then.

Also regarding the new working code, theres a text box at the bottom left to talk to seller while dispute is ongoing. She wrote on there the new code and provided a picture. She apologized for providing a 30 digit code, she was also new apparently. I can only view, i cannot reply nor press complete purchase.

It might take a few days or longer depending on how busy Support is.

Alright, I didn’t know that you could view when account is locked.

Well, since you can’t reply as well, you will have to wait it out or wait for a reply from Support.


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