Account login issue

Hi,i have submitted a ticket 5 days ago…i’m unable to login to my account( not receiving SMS messages for 2FA verification).

Ticket#id: #464008

Gameflip should hire more employees… 5 days to get a response…is quite long.

Edit: Gameflip Helped me out…

Hello LAad0982!

Sorry for the wait.

We have answered your ticket :wink:

God speed!

:trident: New forum moderators!

Hello I am having the same exact issue. Your request (466248)
Please help urgently as i have active sales that need to be fulfilled and i don’t want them to be cancelled.
Thank You

I suggest installing the Gameflip app on your phone so you can get the login verification code there (open the app then go to settings). That’s more reliable than SMS.

i cannot login exceeded limit and support wont answer me … one order for $500 already cancelled because of the horrible support and another buyer is posting that i might be scamming wow

Support is really bad here still not fixed

Did you get your issue fixed ? im getting support from a robot asking for screenshots

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