Account Suspend no reason

hi. I sold my 6 pubg games in gameflip. today i shocked when want to log in my account. “Account Suspended” it say.
but i have not any problem with buyer and they are too with me. I added them on steam if they were had any problem.

I was trusted to Gameflip and I gave any password + security informations to them. Tehy are get them games and i was recieved payment too. Have not any problem about that. But i didnt take my money from site. My 114$ still stay in Gameflip Wallet. Plz Gameflip Support help me about that.
I am not thief or cheater and i sold my own games to buyers and help them any time if they are got any problem.
But last 1-2 buyers was want to cheat on me. I contacted to support about that.

Plz solve that mistake for me

my phone number and credit card is mine. Paypal account too. Plz lift that problem for me.

Regards ,

by Vega Morena

Hey, please PM me with your invite code so I can check your account for you?