Account Suspended because of lies?!

Hi, so recently i got permanently suspended on Gameflip because of “Fraud” or “Threatening to hack buyers” i have full proof i have not said anything of this or done any type of fraud, i also have $30 on my account that i would like back THANKS! The kid that reported me is clearly lying and can provide full proof and screenshots of our chat. Please may you unsuspend me, i have 130+ positives and still have money on my account.

Leave your invite code so the moderators know who you are on the site.

invite code 2Q99JN

its almost been 24hrs and no mod/admin has replied…

You can also private message the moderator your issue and invite code (click the orange “Message” button in their profile page).

Ive alreay done that

I’ll answer you via PM as I saw you sent me a message.

But first I’ll need to check all the new posts since my last visit.

Thank you.