Account suspended for no reason.

So o created and account and send my ref on big steam group. I was waiting for my order then i got suspended. Can someone tell me wtf is going on? Cant i send my ref on groups or what? By brothers accounts were suspended before too. Is this site just a big scam? When you invite many people they just ban you to dont let you buy anything?

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This happened to me too. I received their ticket from support, and if you invite a lot of friends, their fraud alert goes off. They think all those friends are your fake accounts. It’s pretty annoying.

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Is there any way to get my account unbanned?

@Janek_Krzys If you haven’t done so already, please contact Support and we’ll look into your account to investigate any actions that may have caused this. If we deem that your account was suspended under false pretenses, we’ll lift the ban.

HEY i have a 100% prove that it was all legal just add me on steam (Chruppek) and i`ll show you.

And what if all my credits will disapear before my account will be unbanned? will i get them back?

If we deem that the Credits you had received were earned fraudulently, you will not get those Credits.

Does sending your ref on steam group count as fraud?

No, but creating multiple accounts to buy and sell items to exploit the Credits system is absolutely.

So how can i prove that i didnt do that?

We’ll ask for screenshots of your Steam trade history and to verify some other information to research into it.

Ok just do it and stop seting my request as solved when they are not solved.

Please note that if you open multiple tickets about the same issue, they will become merged into one. I believe this is where you’re seeing the solved info coming from.

But shouldnt at least one stay open?

So how long will it take for you to see my steam trade history and ask for other info? i have 19h left for my credits and as i can see you are answering only at night.

btw man when someone is suspended is it permanently or just for a period of time?

My account got suspended please help

I was supended for no reason at all I woke up and boom suspended

Hello, please PM me and send your invite code. I’ll be able to check your account and give you more information.

Thank you.

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