account suspended My Code: GLWV7S

I need to know how long will unlock my account ?

I didn’t break the rules and I lost 600+ $. How can I help me? The money I received was pure.

I want to take some of my money out. Just some parts are still good. And I promise not to do it again on gameflip

My Code: GLWV7S

You should of got a email with why you was suspended.

PS: Welcome to the forums @8037078dd570586dabb5

Lucy :heart:

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We’ve suspended your account for the following reason:

Conducting sales of forbidden items such as accounts, beta codes, random codes, counterfeit items and/or stolen items

But don’t have time to unsuspended and i need how to get my money out from website

Was you selling forbidden gift cards?

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No is ikonik skin not forbidden on this website

You were selling skins that are exclusive to Samsung S10 owners, also you were requesting users to send their username and password to “deliver” such skins. Unfortunately, due to that a suspension was placed into your account.

Thank you.