Why am I prohibited?

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Hello MaleStore!

I just verified your account and your were suspended for selling accounts.

The suspension will last until 08/03.

Have a good day.

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Dear Gameflip customer support, please understand what I mean, most of the products I sell PUBG are shipped by code. Only the cooperation skin about twitch I sent to the buyer twitch account, I don’t want to sell twitch account, just skin The acquisition process needs to be completed with a twitch account. I guarantee that I will not sell such products on the account in the future. I have not noticed that by sending a twitch account to receive the skin, it is also a sales account.


Get skin, such as PUBG x twitch ‘PILOT SET’, ‘JUNGLE CRATE’, ‘GUNSLINGER SET’, these skins just need to use twitch to connect to steam to get them, the twitch account I sent to the buyer is only a must to get them Way, I don’t want to sell a twitch account

So please understand me, sell the above skins, they must use the twitch account of the skin to link to steam to get those skins, the purpose of my sale is just to sell the skin, not the account, whether to use the twitch account to get them real You can ask the user who knows the PUBG skin, I don’t lie

Just need to be on the PUBG official website: https://accounts.pubg.com/, bind steam and the twitch account with the skin to get those skins, I am not selling accounts, I just sell skins

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Hi @MaleStore, Such sales are not allowed in Gameflip.

To get these skins, must connect to steam using the twitch account that has the skin. I can help them get it, but almost all buyers don’t agree to give me their Steam account password. So I can only send the twitch account directly to the buyer, most of the buyers are very satisfied and gave me good feedback.

So I don’t want to sell these accounts, only those skins have to do this to get

@DarkKnight @Majortom
So please lift my account ban, I won’t sell twitch skin again

Did you ask the buyers for their username and password? It looks like your ban is for 30 days.

No, I didn’t ask the buyer to send me a steam account password, because I know this is not possible, so I can only send the twitch account directly to the buyer, they can connect to their own steam account to get the skin.

Want to get those skins, must use the twitch account with the skin to connect to steam

Hello MaleStore,

As we already warned you before, this type of listing is not allowed on Gameflip, as you are sending an account to the buyer, instead of an item or code.

Your suspension will last until 08-02

Please understand what I mean, because getting those skins can only be obtained through the twitch account connection with the skin, they can’t be code or project, I promise not to sell them again in the future, please give me a chance,and my other account is also banned, the account only sells the ‘Fortnite’ skin code. Didn’t sell anything about PUBG, Why is it prohibited? code: 1RXPGY ,thanks…

@MajorTom hello?

Please I can’t verify my account with my mobile number here is my invite code K22SQV

Please help me

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