account suspension error?

I was recently banned on Gameflip. I think I understood that I was banned because I was selling illustrations in the In games items category. I don’t really understand why we can’t sell in this category because it’s something we can use in games, right?
Anyway, I think I understood that it is now necessary to sell in the Gigs category. But does this deserve a permanent suspension? I’ve been on the site since the beginning of September, I log in every day to struggle to get some pocket money and there I see it: Your account has been suspended and also all the money that you have on it.
If someone could help me as soon as possible because I am currently unable to deliver my customers on Gameflip.

Sincerely IliTy

Account number: 1NAT9
Support number: 393091

can someone help me ?


I just checked you that you were selling services as an item, this is prohibited. You need to list services as GIGs. You may check more about it here:

Your suspension isn’t permanent. It will last for 7 days. Contact us after such period, so we can help you further.


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thank you so much.

Hello i’m still ban and i don’t know why. You said 7 days

Once they get back on they will help you.

They did say
“Contact us after such period, so we can help you further.”

ok thanks you


I was able to unsupend your account after checking your account again.

Thank you!

You are the best mod

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