Account verification.

I’m not sure how many ways to verify. Verified sellers/buyers get this badge:

Do you have to verify all three to get this badge? (Identity, Phone and Card). I did once verify my Card, but I didn’t receive the verified badge, why is this? I am about to submit it again, as for some reason it deleted the approved status

Identity is the one where you get the badge. So you must submit a photo ID with you holding it and a piece of paper saying for gameflip with today’s date. Must have your Name, DOB, and expiration date.

I blocked out the last digit of the year of my DOB and it still worked fine, but I’m over 18 regardless if that last digit isn’t there. lol

Submitting a Photo I.D, is a passport okay?

@MajorTom @DarkKnight Also, I think I’d have trouble verifying my Photo I.D, it must match your name on Gameflip. I set my name on Gameflip as my gamertag, how would I prove that my Photo I.D. is mine.

In terms of this. I put in a name that wasn’t mine. I just stated that in the information area on the submission. Still got approved. As for passport, as long as it has your Name, DOB, and an Expiration date, it should be good. But you still need to have a photo of you holding it with that piece of paper that says for gameflip with that days date. (Today’s or whenever you submit it)

Yes, my passport has my Name, DOB and Expire Date. I need a photo of me with my passport, and a piece of paper saying e.g. ‘for Gameflip 10/19/2019’?

Yes. So a selfie with all that and your face in it, and you’d be good to go. Just explain in the upload section why your name is different on the account and it should work. Did for me.

What would be the reason for having a different name?

Whatever the reason you did it.

Where would I explain in the upload section?

There’s not a section for it, I just added it to the ID number part.

argh I guess this is new? I dont think i got any notification about it.

Hello Aurora,

To match the name from your document with the one inside your Gameflip account, you must add a new address containing that information. Please use the link below to add the address:

Also, please bear in mind that we are unable to accept passports as ID applications. Only state/country-issued ID such as a Driver’s License or Identification cards are accepted.


Hey Can I just ask if Im allowed to use My passport as verification please THanks

Thank you Mad Man Yep it has all of those included and A Photo of me holding it Submitted it Just now Thanks @DunnBiscuit Could you check it Out or someone many thanks

Unfortunately, I tried using my passport, but Gameflip say that they can only accept country given ID, such as a Driver’s License, which makes no sense as a passport is country issued. Gameflip’s protection is that passports are easy to fraud, but they must be the hardest things to fraud.

awwwwwwwww Dam somebody Said They Used a Passport and it Worked

Yea I saw that too, I messaged them back and it was revoked because it was no longer accepted for some reason. I think, you should be able to verify with passport if you’ve verified your Card and Phone, they already know it’s you.

I have Already Verified Card Not Number

The number is easy to verify, what brand are you with? (e.g. EE, Vodafone, Virgin…)