Account was mistakenly suspended, help needed

Hello there, I was just suspended for spamming the same listing even though I stopped as soon as I was warned about a day ago, If this was due to reports you need to get onto the other person for falsely accusing me of spamming after you warned me, because I did indeed stop as soon as I recieved the email and haven’t posted very much since.

PM the moderator for further help

Or Submit a ticket Here


I couldn’t, said I couldn’t message that person or group

Okay leave you Invite Code

How to find it? (click me)

I will tag a moderator for help, once he get online he will read this post

T11AEM is the invite code


I checked that your account was suspended for 7 days. You were spamming listings and ignored our warnings.

Please contact me after 10/03 if you are still suspended so i can provide you further help.


Hey Dunn, what exactly constitutes as spam posting because all people do on the Rocket League steam page is spam the same items over n over forcing others off the page.

Could you maybe shed some light to me on what exactly you guys consider spam posting? Legit question as well, so I dont do it in future as well. :slight_smile: