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Hello. Yesterday I tried to add 18 to my Wallet as I usually do. However, when I confirmed the order and then checked my GameFlip wallet the money wasn't there. After that, I checked Skrill and no value was spent so I thought that was a bug in my account. After a while I created another GameFlip account and the same thing happened. After that I checked my Skrill again and now it was showing that I spent 2x18 ($36 in total). Then I went back to my original account and I discovered that my funds were ‘‘Under Review’’ and the same thing happened on both accounts. Some hours passed and I submitted my verification into my primary account but I can’t do it to my second. So then I went to my second account and tried to refund the amount and it showed an error where it said ‘‘Skrill doesn’t accept online refunds’’. After that, my order on both accounts passed from ‘‘Under Review’’ to ‘‘Pending’’.
I’m really upset and I really don’t know what to do. I have bought many items on GameFlip and this never happened to me.
If anyone could help, I would appreciate a lot.

Thank you and sorry for my bad English.

$18*. In the first sentence.

give to @MajorTom ur inv code

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Sorry, but I’m new in the GameFlip forum. Should I contact him directly and send the link of this post and my invitation code?

@MajorTom. Invite Code: 1N6FQK

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Hello Afonso_Costa,

For now our support team is working on this issue. Could you please contact them using the link below?

Thank you.

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