Adding funds and /buying items issue

Hello i keep getting order under review or or funds under review with a card i used in the past it makes me do it everytime it’s the same card i used every purchase but does it again and again under review also I already verified it with gameflip and when i go to documents it says approved but I always have to ask support to open it up again can you guys make it go through permanently so I don’t have this issue anymore FF6JMB is my code @Sparkling_Juice @DarkKnight thank you in advance i just don’t want to always go under review i spent hundreds on this app already and verified my identity and card don’t want the items to get sold because my orders keep going under review or investigation

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The people who can help would be DarkKnight (you have tagged) and @MajorTom. Will have to wait for either of them to get back to you.

Hope your issue gets resolved!

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Hello @MOCASH,

As you have verified your ID and payment source, this will reduce the chances of your subsequent purchases being reviewed.

If it happens again, I suggest you send an email/ticket to the support team stating that you authorize the purchase so they can speed up the review process for you.