Adding Funds Under Review Transaction- Help

Hi, used my debit card multiple times, i normally add the same amount, and now for the first time, its under review.i once tried to use GPay but that normally takes a while to process, so i used my debit,of which ive used before vice GPay.

Any luck getting it out of review? I did submit docs with card etc so as to avoid this in the future.

Help Support ticket: 833262

Profile Code: 9Q894R

Thank you in advance!!!

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Hello @Avaamicka!

I’m sorry for the wait on this.

I have verified your account and can see that you have a payment method that was not yet verified.

In case you are using this payment method that does not have verification, the chances of going through review increase.

Also, I currently do not see any orders in review.

Hope you have a great day!

Godspeed! :trident:

Hi, its okay, that issue was resolved. However, one closes another opens.
Is there a reason why i am getting an error, Account locked, fraud detected" in my account? The only reason is ibtried addingbfunds, but canclled that one (American Express) as it is notoriously slow, and added a new credit card. When i tried using that, it gave me a fraud alert. I dont mind verifying this card, but i cant do anything if my account is locked. Please help! (Again!)
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Profile code 9Q894R
Trouble ticket: 834691

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Hello @Avaamicka!

I have answered this same issue that you sent, through PM ok.

Godspeed! :trident:

Hello @lexxxarnobxllxxxiivv!

Can you please elaborate a bit more on the issue you are experiencing so I can give you better assistance?

Feel free to send us screenshots to show your issue too.

Godspeed! :trident:

@DarkKnight would you be able to see my account? whenever I make a purchase it is under analysis, and I have already sent my documents.

Profile code PJYYA3

Hello @Toguro_77,

As you have verified your ID, this will reduce the chances of your subsequent purchases being reviewed.

If it happens again, I suggest that you send a ticket to the support team stating that you authorize the purchase so they can speed up the review process for you.

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.Hello Gameflip,

I Purchase 2 Order

Ticket Number (841376)

9 Hours Passed I Purchase it I Already Uploaded My All Dcouments Which You Needed and demanded in App So I Requset you Again and Again Please Complete My Purchases.

Here my Code: 8NVNPR

This is not Good thing Such a Long Delay in Purchase.

Please i requset again Complete my Purchases on High Piriority Please,

Thank You In Advance.

Hello @Muhammad_Sheharyar!

I have verified your ticket and can see that the Support Team requested you to send new images because you sent low resolution photos.

Since your case is being handled by the Support Team, please makes sure to verify with them if any other detail is needed.

Also, keep in mind that the review process for any purchase on Gameflip may take a couple of hours up to 48 hours during business days to complete, but we are always trying to speed up this process.

Godspeed! :trident:

Hello, I’ve also added funds to my account and it has been under review for a couple days, I’ve tried resubmitting my license for verification and they keep declining it. Would I need my moms id for it to go through, so we can continue to purchase things or?? Because the credit card is mine, I just don’t have an ID.

Hello Tim,

I’ve sent you a DM. Could you please take a look?

@MajorTom iv been waiting a while for my funds to be added to my account is there a wait time for them to be added?

Hello @Connor_Titcombe!

We are sorry for the wait.

Could you please share your profile code so I can take a look at your account?

Godspeed! :trident:

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