Adding Funds Under Review Transaction- Help

Hi, used my debit card multiple times, i normally add the same amount, and now for the first time, its under review.i once tried to use GPay but that normally takes a while to process, so i used my debit,of which ive used before vice GPay.

Any luck getting it out of review? I did submit docs with card etc so as to avoid this in the future.

Help Support ticket: 833262

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Thank you in advance!!!

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Hello @Avaamicka!

I’m sorry for the wait on this.

I have verified your account and can see that you have a payment method that was not yet verified.

In case you are using this payment method that does not have verification, the chances of going through review increase.

Also, I currently do not see any orders in review.

Hope you have a great day!

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Hi, its okay, that issue was resolved. However, one closes another opens.
Is there a reason why i am getting an error, Account locked, fraud detected" in my account? The only reason is ibtried addingbfunds, but canclled that one (American Express) as it is notoriously slow, and added a new credit card. When i tried using that, it gave me a fraud alert. I dont mind verifying this card, but i cant do anything if my account is locked. Please help! (Again!)
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Profile code 9Q894R
Trouble ticket: 834691

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Hello @Avaamicka!

I have answered this same issue that you sent, through PM ok.

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Hello @lexxxarnobxllxxxiivv!

Can you please elaborate a bit more on the issue you are experiencing so I can give you better assistance?

Feel free to send us screenshots to show your issue too.

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@DarkKnight would you be able to see my account? whenever I make a purchase it is under analysis, and I have already sent my documents.

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Hello @Toguro_77,

As you have verified your ID, this will reduce the chances of your subsequent purchases being reviewed.

If it happens again, I suggest that you send a ticket to the support team stating that you authorize the purchase so they can speed up the review process for you.