Amazon gift card legit/legal?

I saw some amazon gift card Canada going for 16% off. 60 usd for 100 cad
Are they legal? Like can it get my amazon account banned?
Also what other tips do you guys have for me?
I am only buying from auto delivery.
I only trust 1 year+ accounts with decent reviews.
I appreciate all comments! :slight_smile:

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My opinion :slight_smile:

Based on my personal opinion, since all gift card sellers has to be ID verified, unless they steal another identify, I don’t think they would want to get suspended for trying to scam unless it’s like $100+ when they have 0 reviews which is pretty suspicious. Some people do that because they just wanted to use the platform for some money and never use it again. I don’t recommend buying high amounts from sellers with no reviews.

I would probably use a different amazon account if I were to use gift card codes.

You probably know it already but since it wasn’t wrote there, I will still suggest :slight_smile:
Since your buying from auto delivery, record from the start of clicking buy to redeeming code on Amazon and buying stuff with the amount if possible. If it gets revoked or something happens after a few days, just record or take screenshots of that as well and contact Support.

You could also comment under their listings first and try to find out more about the seller to see if seller is suspicious I guess.

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