Another seller on some bs

Seller Eryoshi tried sayin he sent items when he did not on two orders from him. For a total of 12k efficient mechanical in stw. Also seller had confusing posts maybe out to mess with others check this out i doubt it was an honedt mistake now.

Transaction # 5fdfb878-4a84-427f-a413-cd966d061134
2nd Transaction number 8b7de4ab-9875-47c4-a0e0-6931220019d1

Thankyou for taking the time too look into this guy he never even made an attempt to contact me. Did not give me option to escilate to gameflip maybe some sort of change?

One was cancled waiting to see if he cancles the 2nd now… i warned him i would escalate it to gameflip if he didnt.

Hello! As I checked, both transactions were canceled, therefore this is solved.

Let me know if you need any further help.


Thankyou very much