Apex legends the new fever

yeah, so afte 2 week of releas, Apex legend has 25mil register, 2 mil players daily. such a win for a newbie. and now there is saying about how fortnight is dieing and Apex legends come to save the genre of battle royale.
i have played apex for a month now ,and i have to say it’s amazingly good. the graphics, the random talks of the character, the character ability system, the giant banner, and so on. i think it’s the best battle royale game ever thuogh i would like to see they add solo, due and squad games into the game.
tell me what do you think about the game and the genre in general.

ps i dont know why they only have team(3 players) mode only

yeah i played the game too, it’s a great game overall. and yes, i think it’s time for fortnight to meet a decrease in player, but i do think fortnight is not dieing. Season 8 is coming, and i expect there will be adding into the game to pull people back. Epic game is really good at it!
i really want to see they add solo mode because i dont have friend to play with and if i match with ramdom guys, i dont trust them to come in a team. though i read a rummor in some sites saying they will have mobile version of the game. i will download it if they do so

really, a mobile apex? i dont buy it. apex just released and no way it will have game for phone

i am playing fortnight now, and they have added so many cool things into the game, and i still see lots of people play it so not a dieing game.
about apex mobile. no lie, i check CHplay, APKpure, apknite, allfreeapk. they all have mobile game of apex, they even have the youtube tutorial to download the game. i tried it, and get it run though it said my phone is not compatible to the app.

i think they just put the app on, it’s not organic app for the publisher of apex bro!

i am agree fortnight is in a downfall, though dying game is not a right word to say about the game. i still find full lobby players, and matching is still that quick for a game. but i do see lots of my gaming friend moving to apex. i see shroud stream too, and must say it’s a solid game. i think it comes from the fact the game is released latest, and the developer has some times to build a quality one. and about the android game of it, i dont think it’s true, i have check it on apknite, and it’s a troll, tried my phone and friends’phone to see if our phones are compatible and they all say the same. an old marketing trick

Battle royale games are so pointless… u do thr same thing everyday . All day…