Fun online multiplayer games?

Me and my sister live in different states. One way we keep in touch is gaming but we’ve played a lot of what we have so I’m looking for some suggestions. Games we have/play is Left 4 Dead 1 and 2, GTA 5, Portal 2, Battleblock Theater, Minecraft. I should also clearify I am looking for games that can have private games, only the two of us are in game. Thanks.

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Resident Evil Revelations 2, Resident Evil 5/6

I also like resident evil the most.

The multiplayer game is not working on my system as when I try to load the multiplayer game, the system started lagging and due to the lagging issue, I have also faced outlook 0x8004010f.

PUBG mobile. I’m playing it very interesting. You can download the game at mobidescargar

Mobile Legend Season 16 Rn :slight_smile:

“Warframe” is a nice co op game if you like to play and there is a nice storyline too but there is abit of grind in it .

I love terraria, multiplayer works super well because of steam :smile:

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I know this is an old thread but i would like recommend fall guys, it’s very colorful and friendly for all ages it’s really good game for multiplayer and you’re playing against other people. It’s really hilarious and not too expensive to purchase. I believe it’s available for all platform i think… haha

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it looks like a good game thanks for sharing.

There’s League of Legends in which we can play Coop. vs. AI matches. I think it can be fun for two persons.

AION. Easily my favourite MMO of all time. Although after some changes the game has become not so interesting, but my girlfriend likes it.

broforce :laughing:
no kidding, even girls will really like this game. It’s impossible not to laugh

me too, are there more games like that?

Some great games to play with your sister include Towerfall Ascension, Overcooked 2, A Way Out, Stardew Valley, and Rocket League. All of these games can be played with private games just between the two of you. Towerfall Ascension is a great local multiplayer game that has plenty of levels, which can keep you entertained for hours. Overcooked 2 is a great game to play together, as you must work together to complete levels and make meals. A Way Out is a great story-driven game where you must work together to solve puzzles and progress through the game. Stardew Valley is a great farming simulator that you can play together, and Rocket League is a great game for some friendly competition. All of these games can be played with just the two of you, and can be a great way to stay connected even if you’re in different states.