Api ruining the marketplace

I’m kind of sick of complaining about this but whatever, here I go again. Api has ruined the marketplace 100% it is absolutely impossible to search for anything without wading through hundreds or even thousands of one seller, and once you get past him it’s another seller…and another. There has got to be a limit to its use. A month ago I was the 4th largest store for in game items on fortnite. Now nothing, customers are forced to deal with these sellers who cant even handle all the purchases they’re getting, while the customer is left waiting while they restock. Look at all the bad ratings these api users are getting because 1.)they advertise as fast 5min delivery and cant live up to it 2.)they’re rude and rush the buyers because they’re overwhelmed 3.)they cancel half their sales because they obviously dont have the inventory to handle what they’ve spammed. This is all insanely ridiculous

Isn’t there a rule against manipulating the marketplace?? These people are changing the actual item name to be more relevant in the algorithms eye. Essentially these sellers are hacking gameflip with these api programs

@MajorTom @DarkKnight
I’ve been a contributing member for over a year, im not just crying because I cant earn my 5th dollar. Can I get a response?

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Still would appreciate a reply