Question about API spammers


There’s several sellers who spam the same items using API every couple hours without deleting the old listings.


I know the best solution is to report with proof and be patient. But I wanted to know if we are allowed to message these sellers ourselves to remind them of the rules? Just curious because I notice a lot of new sellers following this trend to top each other.

Thank you!

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Rocket league xbox section is a total mess.There are sellers that spam non stop whole day the same listings and i reported them many times, they dont seem to care man , i created topics here too but nah.

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I get smug when people put ‘cheapest’ in their title and mine is literally half the price. :slight_smile:

I don’t need to put cheapest in my titles, I know it’s a good price so people will buy.

Anyway, about this topic, there is only so much that can be done by us. Just keep reporting any you see and eventually they will have to do something about this.

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Appreciate the replies!

The numbers grow daily where I see a new seller spam the same items hourly without bothering to delete the 15-20 old listings. It’s basically monkey see, monkey do.

I know patience pays off, so I will keep reporting with proof.

Thank you!

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Maybe a good solution would be to only allow new sellers to make listings the “old fashioned” way and reserve API access to sellers who have proven themselves to be an asset to the community.
Or at least, newer seller accounts should have a daily listing limit, no?


I stopped reporting spammers since the numbers have increased since I created this topic. Reporting each one with proof takes up too much time and energy especially since they continue to spam on a daily basis.

I still have hope for a better solution to end or decrease the number of spammers. For example taking away API privileges for repeat defenders.

On the bright side not many people are fooled by spammers overpriced items except for newcomers who don’t know how to use filters to search up the lowest prices.

Happy sales everyone! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: