App Landing Page Loop

Hey there, not sure if others are also having this issue but figured it was worth bringing up. Ever since I downloaded the app, every other time I attempt to open it the screen basically goes into a landing page loop until I crash the app and try again. This happens immediately after opening it, nevermind trying to do anything on the app.

Again, not sure if this may be a known issue or not but figured it was worth a mention just in case.

This happens every time you disconnect from a network, it’s auto logging you out and trying to reconnect to the previous network. All I do is close the app and re-open it once out of range of my previous network and log in. Works fine. I use the app on iPhone.

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This happens to me primarily while ON the home network and I rarely have it happen while leaving or switching networks. As mentioned, I do just crash it and reload, but if I am at home on my network that’s at full strength and no interruption, then perhaps the app needs looking at as well.

Depends on your devices connection settings, some phones give the option to use the best available signal strength. Meaning If your phone has a momentary moment of stronger signal than your wifi it will switch connections, even if momentary. This could cause the issue as well. I have this setting turned off on my device. Trust me when I say the app is fine. This is common and intended for security of your account even if it’s an inconvenience.

Yeah, I’ve got it turned off as well so it just confused me as to why it was still occurring. It definitely load loops too quickly, so if someone was sensitive to that maybe it needs to get turned down a little bit but.

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