App sign out Android.

Hello there, I have this isse that I can’t do view listings and everytime I close the app it sign me out. I can’t do anything with the app on android oreo. I delete cache, delete data even uninstall and reinstall and still the same issue. Anyone facing the same trouble?


Can you please contact our support team and send us screenshots of this issue?

contact them through the link below:

Thank you!

I found the issue… is my wifi connection. When I connect through my local data networks it works fine but in my wifi connection it signs me out everytime I try to open the app.

I’m glad you found out the reason.
Still weird it does not work with your wifi.

I’m happy you can still use it.
Thank You for posting your issues and enjoy the app.:two_hearts:

Do you know if there is a security option that might be affecting and the app signs me out? When I connect through my browser on my PC it signs me out every 10 mins. but have always be like this.

I know sometimes when I use the app it will ask me to sign in each time after I close the app but this happening more if I’m not using wifi, sometimes it will always keep me login and wont ask me to put my information again this when I’m using wifi.

I rarely use the web site page but it does the same as the app to me.

I know alot of site will logout for security reason if you have not touch it in sometime.

For security terms I think is good but something wrong definitely with mine because… I login and try to list an item and by the time I finally set all the info it pops an error and already log me out. Is not even 1 minute before it logs me out. Definitely something wrong :frowning:

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