Gameflip keeps signing me out.

Gameflip keeps signing me out after only 5 mins of inactivity on the desktop website and in the mobile app. There is no option in settings to stop this.

Gameflip also lacks interface settings. Will there be a Dark Mode option soon?

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Same. For me, it’s only desktop.
Didn’t happen in the past, only recently so I wonder why too.

Could be cause your using multiple devices, I only had this issue when I was using Gameflip on 2 diff phones

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Hey guys!

Could you please provide us more information regarding this issue?

Are you using multiple devices like @Noxcy said?

Just like @RandomGameKeys showed @Gen_Wunner…we do have Dark Mode :star_struck: ! Its the best hehe

God Speed everyone and stay safe! :trident:


Hi, I believe my problem may be related to originally registering with my google account. I am only using two devices. Mobile app and I also use the desktop site when I’m on my PC.

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Hey @Gen_Wunner,

Could you please also inform me if you are using Android or IOS and the version of the Gameflip App?

God Speed! :trident:

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I’ve been experiencing this for a while on Chrome. I also log in via Android phone, but it seems to happen even when I’m not using the app (just browsing skins or listing codes that don’t require mobile confirmation). It happens with both my Windows 10 and Windows 7 PC.

IOS, thank you.

Thanks for the info everyone.

Could you please inform me if the issue stopped and if not, provide me your invite codes for further investigation?

God Speed! :trident:

It started happening to me since last week. I’m using it only on my iPhone and I log in with my google account. It logs me out every 30 seconds. I can’t reply message or do listing properly.
@DarkKnight please help. Thx !

Hello @Micxxw,

Thanks for the information.

Could you please open a ticket using the link below with the screen recording of this happening?

God Speed! :trident: