GameFlip iPhone App Broken

Just installed a fresh copy of the newest GameFlip App on the iPhone 12 Version 6.8 and noticed some serious problems. Notifications fail to show up even after setting to “Allow” The app automatically logs you out every 5 minutes and you manually have to type in your username and password each time. FaceID is no longer in this new version for some reason. Anyone have these problems or a fix, reinstalled it several times and notifications never show up like messages from a buyer or when something sells.

Your tech team can recreate this by Removing the GameFlip app the iPhone device and reinstalling the latest version from the app store which is 6.8. Once installed it will fail to show notifications and log you out every few minutes.


As a result of the logging out error my account is suspended for too many log in requests and the support team hasn’t responded to the email I sent 2 days ago

Hello everyone!

Could you please provide me your ticket numbers so we can get these issues verified?

God Speed! :trident:


Hello @deng_an_kang,

Could you please contact the support team using the link below and explain your case?

God Speed! :trident:

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