Gameflip Mobile App Bug

For Apple devices, the gameflip app always logs out of my account. The same issue happened to my brother and we both have apple devices. Does anyone else get this bug?


I suggest contacting Support about this issue so they will know about it.
Do include screenshots and a detailed explaination (Example - When does the gameflip app log out for you? Is it when you close the app etc.) because there are a lot of different factors that could possibly lead to this.

Closest Reference - App sign out Android.
Not Apple but it did happen before to others.

I use andriod currently and there seems to be no issue for me.


This has been happening to me for over a year now, I have tried to contact support multiple times and they never got me or never realized what was the issue. I started to use the browser everytime I wanted to use the service, is annoying but is the only thing you could do. However, I believe this issue is because of the internet provider or your router security settings, for some reasons, whenever I login (using the mobile app) on an open wifi like in supermarkets, restaurants or similar… the app works fine. That’s how I figured it might be something related to security issues from the internet provider, because the app maybe logs you out because of the security.

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