Can't Stay Signed in with Google

Hi Gameflip Community,

I recently installed the app on my Android phone, and I chose to login with my Google account. Since doing that, I noticed that the app will not keep me logged in. I contacted support, but they were unsure of what might be causing this. I then asked them to delete my account, then I went and created a new account with Facebook, and have not had that issue. I really think the issue might have something to do with Google’s two-step authentication, which is enabled on my Google account.

Has anyone else experienced this?

I’m sorry to hear about this, but glad to see that using Facebook helped out. And actually both Facebook and Google do both have time out issues, in which this would be causing the issue (and Google seem to have smaller timeout sessions). But was this a constant log out, like you couldn’t access the app with the Google login?

Hi Bur,

Yes, the logout was constant (usually within minutes of signing in). I’ve been logged in with Facebook for at least 24 hours now, and I’ve yet to experience a forced logout or timeout. I’m glad the Facebook account login isn’t giving me issues, as the Google account issues were maddening. :rage: