Won't let me log out

This app won’t let me log out. Every time I try to log out it just brings me back to the home page. Is this normal for Android users or is gameflip so bad that this happens.


Can you share screenshots of this issue so I can investigate this further for you?

There isn’t much to send because there is no msg that pops up. It just takes me to the home page.

Is there anything else I could help with @DunnBiscuit ?

How did you log out of the Android app?
☰ > Settings > Sign Out ?

After you sign out, the left side menu should not show your name anymore. How did you find that you were still logged in? Are you still logged in after restarting the app?

@galacticarm yes I went settings then log out. It takes me back to the home page and at the top left still shows my profile picture

@DunnBiscuit @galacticarm any of you guys have an idea of why this is happening

Are you logging in the app using Facebook, Google, or the regular username/password sign in? What Android version are you using? I’m assuming you’re using the latest Gameflip app version?

Have you tried going to your phone’s Settings > Apps & notifications > Gameflip > Storage > Clear Storage + Clear Cache
or just reinstall the app?

Can you give a screenshot of the left side menu after you have “logged out”?

Facebook, newest version for Android, newest version no such thing in storage under the app in settings I have tried to power off my phone and delete the app and I will upload a photo after this post