Is gameflip down?

I cant send messages, comment, change my pics…nothing. iphone users have no problems pc and android are basically locked out


I have the same problem


Im on ipad i have same problem as it redirects me to contact customer suport

Hey everyone, could you please provide me more details regarding your issues? Screenshots if possible as well.

Also, have you tried removing the Cookies and Cache from the browser to see if the issues get solved?

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Its the same error for every single action. I can change my bio. Thats it. All other function gives that error

It dircects me to contact support

Trying to post lot. After clicking “Continue” buttun see table:

There is an error


Retry later

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Hello @Dylan_Hoofer,

Could you please provide me your UID or phone number?

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Hello @Yuki,

Could you please provide us a full screenshot?

Feel free to send it to me via DM, if you would like.

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Mr and mrs hoofer

@Yuki same here

Sent to DM

UQADZ8 (for knight)

Hello @The-silver-shop,

Could you please explain how your error happens and provide a screenshot too?

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Hey, can u help me. Do you know what to do if API message “Too Many Requests”

Im new to site i cannot send ss but it says error (rety later) on webpage and then it says contact support on ipad app.


The api issue is also Most likely related to this. The users I know experiencing this issue are also having trouble with api sending commands

I cant confirm delivery :confused: