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Hello there, I use your service for more than a year. I am a consistent buyer and seller but the android app really makes me wanna quit my account. It’s so bad, I mean you guys get a lot of fees from our side, can we get at least a good team of developers to work on this? I have described my issue several times so please don’t ask me, I’m sure you all know what’s happening. What can we do to get a decent app?


Which issue are you still having, or is it a new one? You have to be specific because not everyone may have had the same issue as you.

Every error that I already post it still the same and have 2 friends and a brother who lives here and the same issue. This is the same error in all of us.

What is the Android version of their phones (Android settings > System > About phone > Android version)?

Do they get no notifications at all, or randomly some notifications do not get sent, or specifically a type of notifications do not get sent (like purchases or sold item)?

Are your friends also using wifi and getting signed out, like your solution in the thread? Is the app signing out when the app is exited immediately, signed out when the app is exited for some time, or randomly while using it?

Look I don’t wanna be rude since you are only doing your job but you guys always ask for every single details and at the end just left me hanging in there with no reply or no answer. Every phone is android 8+ using the latest gameflip app. And the app is not working, not just signed out, every menu I open is error after error. Check the play store comments, is not just me. Do you want me to screenshot every single time I get an error? Fine I’ll do it but only if you promise me you will fix it. Else please stop asking for details if you have no plans on helping me.

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With so many Android devices (not to mention carriers and different countries), it’s hard for developers to track down errors and issues. The developers will find and fix the most common issues that users report (with details so they can reproduce).

If you don’t provide details to help them find the problems, they won’t be fixed! Complaints don’t get bugs fixed.

Thanks for answering but I already provided a lot of pictures via email and they only replied to me that they don’t know what is this and can’t help me. I mean, what’s the point providing screenshots if the guys working on forums have no clue about developing. I will take screenshots and share it here and we will see if you guys can help me.

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Ok so here is the deal, when I navigate through the app suddenly everything is blank so I have to close and sign in again, but I have to do this like 20 times before it works, I also can´t post an intem because it show an error, I have a samsung galaxy phone with android 8.1 using wifi in wep, wpa or even no security as you guys required and still same error. So now I provided all the proofs you need, can you give me a real answear?

Hello Mago6246!

Thanks for contacting us and we apologize for the issue you reported.

Our team is looking into the issue now and we should have a fix very soon.

Also, could you please provide me your invite code?

God speed!

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Thanks for the reply… here it is CME6H3. I will try to also get the codes from my friends if that helps.