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What is it with the notifications with the app on Android Oreo? I’m losing some sells because I have to launch the app often to see them. Is there a way to fix this? It’s been a while with this bug.

You should be able to see phone notifications without the app opened. Are you receive no notifications or do you receive only some notifications? Are you using the latest Gameflip app version (1.34)? Did you mention Android Oreo because the app worked fine on other Android versions?


No I don’t receive any kind of notifications besides via email, I’ve tried 4 different devices all with android oreo and no notifications untill I open the app. On android nougat works fine but I no longer have a device with that OS. Have reported this bug multiple times via email to the developers and google play store but no fix yet. Started to be annoying because I am losing sales because buyers always verify if user is online for a quick deliver.

I didn’t get notifications when I first used the app on Android 8.1, but after I close and reopen the app, the subsequent notifications do get sent. Please try this:

Android Settings > Apps & notifications > See all X apps > Gameflip > App notifications > On

Try toggling it off and on. You can also try reinstall the app, then open it, then go to the app switcher and close Gameflip. Reopen Gameflip and it should try to register you to the notification service again.

Will this work with following people and having it turn notifications turn on if they list something on the phone?

I’m getting a error when I try filter people I’m following
If only happening if I try getting into more detail with the filter on my follower list.
Like I want gift card, amzom, auto delivery.
It lets me save it if I don’t edit the search filter but if I start editing it it give me a error.

So far this is working… I really appreciate it your time and help. Have a nice day!

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