Are "topics" considered "forum posts?"

So I’m entering the raffle and I’m just wondering if topics count as “posts” or if that’s just replies.

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Not really sure…but mind if I piggy back off of you? ;p

Ha! Well, not the best answer, but we all got to do what we can to get that Batman PS4.

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Well with 3 days left (and 10 days that I missed for not posting topics or something) I kinda need to catch up…Hey but whatever happens @ZalexDuhBeast I’m hopping you win :slight_smile: I mean, I want to win also, but if you win because of this thing, I’ll be happy lol

Thanks man, good luck to you too!

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Hi @ZalexDuhBeast! Anything that creates a separate URL counts as an entry. In our forum, every post/reply/topic has its own separate URL so they all count in the giveaway!

Good luck everybody!