Are you a Twitch streamer? Join the Gameflip Twitch Program!

Do you like playing games while people on the internet watch you play games and react to said games? Yes? PERFECT!

Announcing our Gameflip Twitch Program! We love our users and would love to have this opportunity to work even closer with you guys by sponsoring and supporting your Twitch channels.

What are some perks of joining our program?

  • You’ll be hosted on our very own Twitch channel
  • Your stream will be cross-promoted throughout Gameflip, thereby garnering you more followers and viewers
  • We’ll work closely with you on the possibility of hosting sponsored raffles and rewards for your viewers!

What are we looking for in a streamer?

  • Enthusiasm! We are looking for someone who ~loves~ streaming and ~loves~ Gameflip
  • Reliability and consistency! We’d like it if you streamed often and had an organized and set schedule

Bascially, what we are looking for is a passionate and fun individual. While having a decent number of followers and viewers is better, it is not required to be considered for our program. So come one, come all –

Apply Now!


Will this program possibly teach new streamers how to be able to use twitch? For some reason finding a way to use a Mac with it is annoying as hell…

I would love to learn more myself.


That’s pretty awesome. I’ve been looking to get sponsored. I guess we will see.


Unfortunately this isn’t an educational program, we’re mostly looking for experienced streamers who are willing to work with us and be sponsored by our program. Sorry :frowning:

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Hey, no worries, I just figured I’d ask. I kinda figured that that was the case. But hey, I hope the program works out for you, and I’ll see about sending a friend of mine your way for sure :3

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Hey, is this program still going? I have a friend who’s maybe interested who has been streaming for a few years.

We’ve adapted it since this post, but feel free to send them to our Partners page which they can submit an application:

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The link isnt working for me, Im very interested! I have a set channel with a loyal following, and a schedule.

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This seems pretty cool