Im getting this error on the browser and app any time i try to purchase something. Ive logged out and back in and cleared my browser.
ArgumentError: Missing id for provider (braintree)

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getting the same thing here…

admins wya :man_facepalming:

Withdrawn by author?

Nevermind i thought that had to do with me.

Just got a little frustrated.

Same thing here guys. I am really getting frustrated right now… I wanted to spend it tonight not in like a week…

Same thing happening to me. Anybody know why this is happening?

Similar issue here. Bought a few csgo keys yesterday afternoon and i had no issue with that transaction. Today tried to make another purchase and this exact error came up.

Guys. Do you know any faster way to contact support? This is really terrible customer service. Im not sure what to do and I really like needed this money to be deposited and available today. Its really upsetting. Thank you again.

Hey guys, we had some issues regarding credit card payments these couple of days.

We are working to have all these issues fixed soon. Can you guys tell me if for today, you are astill receiving error messages?

If so, tell me what the error message is, so I can investigate further.

All new tickets are being answered within 1-2 business days. And we are working to have this time diminished to hours. If you have one that wasn’t answered yet, please send me the number via PM so I can check it for ya.