Avoiding spam emails

Guys, so today i got an email in my spam folder thinking it was from gameflip, but it wasn’t
it was a phishing site, it looks exactly like gameflip same interface same everything
so, when i pressed login, i put in my information, then nothing happened
after that, the page reloaded and sent me back to gameflip’s real main page
after 5-10 minutes, i refreshed my email and it logged me off, then i saw that my password got changed, also my gameflip account’s password got changed
that’s when i knew that it was a scam
after i got my email back, and my gameflip account back there was some listings listed as a scam, so i deleted them all and refunded to the buyers

the thing that i got out of this is
avoid the spam emails at all cost also don’t share gameflip’s emails with anyone

thank you…

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Thank you for sharing this