Bad review removal request

I was given a poor review because I apparently “Made a plain map with a bunch of boxes around it”. The customer approved the map and said ok thanks, and leaving the island. A couple hours later he comes back complaining to me about the creative map not working. I offered to fix but he kept on ignoring me. Now I have a bad review which lowered my positive feedback. Is it possible to remove it? Thanks! Profile code: 1JGQDE

@Sparkling_Juice @DarkKnight Please look into this, thanks!

Yes it is possible. As long it was real and it was a bad review without any good reason.
Did you have screenshots of the buyer saying ‘ok thanks’ , any sort of screenshot that shows that buyer is good with it or messages of buyer stating ok or something of that type? If there was, best to include it as well.

I can’t help look into it sadly so you will have to wait for DarkKnight.
Just do take note it might take a day to a few days for a reply.
However, you should still send a ticket to Support while waiting on forums.

Goodluck :slight_smile:

After he said ok thanks he complained and so I offered to fix the issue but got ignored for the next few days until the order automatically confirmed.

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@MajorTom please look into this thanks so much :slight_smile:

@DarkKnight @MajorTom


Please be patient… By tagging the Mods everyday will not help. I am sure they will reply and help once they have time.

Message them directly instead of tagging them everyday instead.
Messaging works like this.

You also contacted Support already right? It would probably take a few days for a reply but they will always reply.

Thank You.


Update: The bad review got removed. Thanks a lot for guiding me through

Hey @bang_blurz,

Glad that your issue got resolved.

Sorry for the wait.

Thanks for the help @Sparkling_Juice! You rock!

God Speed! :trident: