Ban these scammers Dispute over 1 week

This was a very serious thing, but I think it is a funny or even a little funny thing. They provide screenshots to prove that they are scammers. There is such a stupid scammer in my world.

my code:9VYMA8
Order ID 8833aee4-8a7c-450b-9020-a0abde1379db
Order ID f1cd8fae-2269-4f5d-8cff-0165112b8b0d
Order ID 5b6b6113-38c0-4df4-b394-749ab5e1d1ad
Order ID ba58b45f-abf3-4c58-8986-c424d95dbf67
Order ID 624536f2-5f52-41e3-a917-6e04052bbfb4
I can 100% confirm that they are scammers or other merchants’ trumpet, we provide automatic delivery service, before the sale, we will detect the 100% code, and then detect the code again within 15 seconds after the purchase, because we Don’t want to be cheated

I have been selling gameflip for more than 2 years and have met many friendly customers but also some scammers. I tell you some common features of scammers
1:New customers without certification, they will raise an objection after the purchase, telling you that the code has been used by others, they have no evidence, they just give you a screenshot, because they have used the code, so they do not care about their account and start a dispute And have the opportunity to deceive yourself into paying
2:Resale merchants, I do n’t think they will deliberately defraud the code, but when they have problems reselling to others, they will immediately tell you that the code is invalid, they earn the difference, and will ask us to expand when there is a problem dispute
3:Some people who do n’t know the proof code, they have a dispute after buying, and then prove themselves to be a liar, this is the stupidest liar I have ever seen
@DarkKnight help please

Hello fun33,

From now on, for cases like this, we suggest that you contact the support team using the link below:

Thank you.

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Thank you very much for your attention, but we have not made any progress. All we get is unfriendly feedback. You canceled PayPal, raised BTC fees, and forgave scammers. I do n’t know if the merchants of gameflip are facing a specific environment. The scammers purchased the code for no reason, but there is no reason to tell you that your code is invalid after a few days, you get a malicious assessment of being a scammer, and your dispute resolution for more than 1 week

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