So admins of this site can ban you without evidences but not unban you without it. Is it like a new way to earn money? They will come to the site invite friends and then get banned? I was talking with support about it for like 2 weeks already and all they told me was that they cant do anything. I invited 63 people here. I tought it was a good website but i can see that there are only greedy admins here.

Isnt the invite bonus for max 10 people? Oo
And could you provide a screenshot of the mail why your account has been banned/suspended?

it got suspended for promotion fraud. and you can invite unlimited amout of people but will get money for 10 only.

I would understand if you would have got money for all people.
But since you only get money for 10 i dont get where the problem is for GameFlip. I mean…the more people the better…but promotion fraud?

Im done with this ■■■■ site. They are just a bunch of greedy fgts. Who scam people.

I dont think so. Talked alot with one of the admins.
Dont know if I can talk this freely here, but its just too much for them to handle most of the time, so it can take “some” time for a statisfying result.