Better quantity selling to avoid spamming ?

Hi, i don’t know if this has ever been suggested here maybe i’am the first but i think it would be so cool and more professional to make a quantity selling option for example : i have 1000 Rocket league keys and i don’t want to make a lot of listenings 10,20,30,40 for sales ect, it would be cool if there’s just one listening with quantity to choose from 1 to 1000

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You can already do that using the website:

that’s not what i was talking about, i mean that the buyer able to select how many keys for example from the available quantity that he want to buy

That feature would be cool and convenient. But until that feature’s available, you could create “offers” listing and have buyers comment (or contact frequent buyers directly) how many keys they want so you can create a custom listing for them.