Bitcoin withdrawal notifications.


Is this some kind of bug or something. When I withdraw my money to btc, after submitting amount to my address I get notification about it and it’s says “Your bitcoin withdrawal request has been received”

That’s fine, but when I want to check my withdrawal status (Pending/In Transit/ Paid) I’m getting unnecessary notifications when payment is pending. When payment goes in “In transit” status notifications are stopped. Is this normal?


I got 24 notifications about same withdraw :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I will record a video once I decide for next withdraw.

every time you check your withdrawal and it is pending, you will receive this notification!

Yeap, you get a notification whenever you check :slight_smile: Think of it as an acknowledgement “I got your request”. You would receive a notification when it’s sent, so why keep checking? :slight_smile: