Bug found: Gameflip funds withdrawal notifications

Notifications section bug: if you have a store and you make a withdrawal request, you get a notification message that the withdrawal request has been received. After that, each time you visit the withdrawal screen (without submitting another withdrawal request) you get the notifcation again in notifications section. Concrete example: i made withdrawal request earlier today, since then i visited the withdrawal options section 7 times, and i received the same notification each time i visited “your withdrawal request for $amount has been submitted” as if i was submitting it again each time i visited that website section.
Sorry for the long post just trying to describe the issue as accurate as possible:)

That “bug” exist for almost a year

@galacticarm I’m not checking again and again, i’m not dumb:) I make multiple withdrawal requests. Each time a certain amount of $ becomes available in my wallet i make a withdrawal request and i keep getting the notifications from previously made withdrawal requests which were not processed.

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