Bought Gamer Club Subscription but don’t see promo

Hi I bought the 1$ subscription 50$ cap but when some body bought the code I didn’t get the 50$ cap promo

What do you mean you didn’t get the $50 cap promo? The subscriptions only withhold fees up to $50 worth of items you sold… So are you saying you got charged a fee? Did you list the item prior to getting the subscription? More information is required…

Yes even when I put new listing it still charges me the fees.

I shouldn’t be charged for the first $50.

Yes for the first $50 feed should be withhold but even with new listing it’s doing this

When I recently subscribed again to the Gamer Club, it did show that it would take fees, but when I sold there were no fees taken. After 2 days it showed up that there was no fees. I only renewed the subscription 3 days ago and have already capped it to $50, so I may not renew it next time.