Question about gamer club

I got the gamer club subscription and it says 50.00 cap, does that mean I can only sell 50$ a day or it stops at 50$?

Also, if I have a 55$ sale will the 0% still apply to the first 50.00$ of the sale and apply tax to the 5$ or all 55$

You can sell up to $50 max with 0 commission and digitalis fees on the items you sell in the one month of purchase of the subscription. If you sell up to $50 in the time frame then it goes back to normal until the subscription is over. Price an item over $50 then you pay normal commission fees. It’s only good if you haven’t got many items to sell and you’re selling items at $1-5 or you can use it up in one go with an item costing $50. You can manage how much you have left on the subscription if you go in to >wallet>subscription. Hope this helps.

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You can check the estimated feeds and proceeds while your making your listing. From what I see, I have used $42.50/$50 of my gamer club sub. When I set price as $8 as shown below, there is a 10% fee that you see. When I set price as $7, there isn’t any. Therefore, it does apply tax to all $55. You can try it on your own to experiment with it.

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